Language is one of the biggest issues faced by immigrants. From your workplace or school, to simply going out to buy groceries, it is essential you get a good grasp on a native language


The next barrier that many new immigrants usually face when starting a new life in a new country is landing themselves a job. Immigrants face two problems in particular; getting their credentials recognized and relevant local work experience.


A secure housing is big priority for immigrants. However, lack of local knowledge of how the housing market operates in your new country leads to problems.

Access to Services

When it comes to migrating to another country, most immigrants admit they were not aware of what services existed in the first place. Health care, legal advice and social services pose the biggest hurdles.

Access to transportation

Immigrants face two major problems when it comes to transportation.

Firstly, you will be required to get a new driver’s license. Secondly, the language barrier again makes it difficult use of the transit services available.

Cultural differences

This is not a factor most immigrants give a lot of consideration to until they actually land on the new country. These differences can range from social customs to issues such as attitudes towards gender, religious diversity, ethnicity and sexuality.

Problem Kids!

Parents usually face problems in bringing up their kids in a new country. It’s best you find a balance between instilling your own native customs and letting them integrate into the new culture.

Prejudice and Racism

As sad as it is to admit, many immigrants have faced problems of racism and prejudice when migrating to a new country. Hence, countries made rules to counter and reduce such incidences.


Missing your group of friends, family and extended family is a natural phenomenon. However, for people who originate from societies which have strong support structures in communities find it very difficult to adjust to the Western way of living where individualism is prized over family.


Last but not the least is whether. It is a very underrated problem among immigrants. It is best to choose a country with a climate you think you and your accompanying family member will be able to easily adjust with.

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