In this article we’ll explore seven reasons as to why a person would want to immigrate.

Finances and cost of living

Some people find themselves trapped in the middle of poverty and economic hardship in their native country. By applying for a temporary visa or even for permanent residency, they seek to break these chains dragging them down.


In developed countries, their governments ensure that their citizens are provided with the necessary facilities to lead a good life. Hence, immigration is a way to give yourself and your family members a new life.


It is usually the case that people living in places that are exposed to extreme weather conditions like cyclones, tornadoes, active volcanoes, earthquakes etc like to immigrate.


Many applicants like to immigrate to another country to benefit from the cheap or even free medical services that are far better in the country they want to apply to for an immigration visa.


Immigrants usually want to leave their country to escape away from war, armed conflict and even terrorist groups.


A number of people also immigrate because of better job opportunities provided by host countries. Hence, the apply for a work permit.


People more often than not apply for family immigration to give their families a better lifestyle. A common scenario is when a  permanent resident or citizen of the host country, sponsor their spouse and/or dependent children.


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