What makes an Embassy or Consulate reject providing you with European work Visa?  Simply, there must be something UNSATISFACTORY in the visa application. Let’s explore 5 reasons why your work visa to Europe may be rejected

  1. Past or Current Criminal Actions

The past and current actions of the applicant play a significant role. The reason for refusal can be that the applicant is considered a threat to the public policy, internal security or public wealth of Europe.

  1. False Travel Document

There is a common destiny for all applicants who think they can game the system by presenting false travel documents to the embassy or consulate. Consequently, leading to an absolute visa denial.

  1. Insufficient Explanation for The Purpose And Circumstances Of The Planned Stay

Another motive to lead the consular office to deny your European work Visa is failing to provide justification for your purpose to stay.

  1. Passport Invalidity

The consular officer may end up denying your visa application if you:

  • Present a passport that does not have two different blank visa pages
  • Present a Travel Document Booklet in place of a valid passport
  • Give a valid passport that is older than ten (10) years
  1. Unfavourable European Visa Situation

An unfavourable history, for example:

  • Failing to previously respect European Visa limitations.
  • Already holding a passport with an active European Visa

Can lead to rejection.

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