How are you going to talk to locals?

How will you understand what your teacher is saying?

How exactly do you order a Tasty cheeseburger?!

Language become a huge pain in the back especially when you don’t have prior knowledge of the host country’s language. Most applicants usually apply for immigration to gain a work permit. However, when you don’t even know the basics of the language that particular job is conducted in, would you even get a job in the first place?

Language skills also go hand in hand with education. As a foreign student, if you’re interested in applying for a study permit, you need to know the native language. Lacking language skills makes it difficult to learn and truly experience the quality of education provided by the host country. What’s the purpose of immigrating when you don’t understand what they’re teaching your, right?

Other than breaking an entry in the labour market or getting education, language can pose a barrier carrying out mundane activities. Not knowing how to communicate with the locals reduces social contact and increases isolation. This is one of the main reasons why immigrants find it difficult to adjust to their new life.

Life is nothing if it’s not a teacher. It’s best if you make sure that before you get your temporary residence or permanent residence visa you learn the language of that country. It’ll be an invest that will be worth in the future!

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