On 22nd January 2018, in an official statement made by the Québec government, they encouraged foreign workers and post-secondary students in Québec to permanently stay in the province through the Québec Experience Program (PEQ).

PEQ is much more simplified and quick way to apply for permanent residence for two types of applicants. Once a foreign temporary worker has completed their period of qualified work or a foreign student has completed their approved studies, they can apply for permanent residence in Quebec.

The PEQ has a special program known as the Graduate Studies Stream. According to this stream, qualified foreign students who have a valid study permit can apply for permanent residence only after completing their studies in an elig6study program I’m Québec.

By applying under this stream, the officials treat you on priority basis and you’ll be done with the process in less than 12 months.

When to submit an application?

As a student you may apply for a permanent residence through this program 6 months before to expect to receive your attestation of successful completion of diploma. However, you cannot apply after 3 years of getting your diploma.

Financial Requirements

If you want to pursue your studies in Quebec, you need to prove you have sufficient funds to cover your tution and living expenses. You can do so by submitting:

  • Bank statement of the last 6 months
  • Bank statement of a close relatives who’s sponsoring you
  • Evidence of funding from within Canada, for e.g.  if you have a scholarship

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Who is not eligible for this program?

You do not qualify for the Quebec Experience Program if:

  • you possess a bursary with a clause stating a return to your native country, unless you’ve already paid a visit home;
  • you enrol yourself in a new study program in Québec
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