Entrepreneur program

The provincial Entrepreneur Stream aids potential immigrants from around the world to start a new business venture or purchase an existing business in Canada. In addition, it gives entrepreneurs the added benefit of being selected for permanent resident status on the condition that you have been able to successfully set-up your business.

Please note: every province has its own Entrepreneur program. So when applying through this program we will help you finalize the legal formalities according to the specification for the province you want to migrate to.

Start-up business class

The start-up business class is prescribed as a class of persons who may become permanent residents on the basis of their ability to become economically established in Canada and  intend to reside in a province other than Quebec.

For you to be considered eligible for Start-up Visa Program, you must:

  •  have a qualifying business

A qualifying business is the one in which at the time of applying:

  • You (and accompanying family member) own 10% or more of the voting rights associated to all shares of the entity outstanding at that time (a maximum of 5 people can apply as owners)


  • You (and accompanying family member) and the said enterprise jointly hold 51%  or more of all voting rights associated with the shares of the business outstanding at that time

In addition, once you’ve gained permanent residence:

  • The business should be incorporated in Canada
  • Major portion of the operations are conducted in Canada
  • You have to provide evidence to prove active and ongoing management of the said business from within Canada
  • have a letter from said organization to support your claim
  • meet the language standards

The minimum requirement of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is set at 5 in either English or French for the following four  areas:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Be financially strong enough to settle and live in Canada prior to start earning from the business


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