When it comes to applying for Canadian immigration, you might not be aware of all the different programs you could apply to and which will suit your case the best. For this reason, we have built a team of certified, expert consultants who will help you select the best immigration plan for you and your accompanying family member.

Why should you go for a consultation?

You should look for professional advice when it comes to immigration in order to:

  • Analyse your situation, for example:
  • Where you plan to live in Canada
  • What skills and qualifications you have
  • How long you plan on staying
  • Who will be going with you
  • Choose the best category for your application in which you’ll have the greatest chance of being successful
  • Determine your eligibility under the appropriate category
  • Discuss any problems that may hinder your application and  their solutions
  • Analyse all possible solutions in case you have applied either on your own or with another representative and have incurred a problem
  • Offer a second opinion if you’ve already submitted an application and determine the best course of action. Should you submit additional information? Withdraw the application? Wait for the decision?

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What will not be discussed in a consultation?

The purpose of providing you with a consultation service is to give you a professional opinion on which way will be best for you. However, during this discussion, there are points that will not be touché upon such as:

  • Your application and supporting documents will not be reviewed, normally
  • You will not be assisted in completing your application during the consultation
  • You will not be provided with a check-list for any type of application during a consultation. Once you decide to continue your journey with New Canada Life, only then will you be given a check-list.











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