Correspondence with the Embassy

And it is Completed!

Your application has been submitted!

We’ve done it together and now it’s time to wait for the decision

Once your study permit or work permit or supervises has been approved you will receive a correspondence letter. A correspondence letter is also referred to as s Port of Entry letter or an introduction/introductory letter.

When you receive this letter make sure to keep it safely with you. Once you land in Canadian soil you will be asked to show this letter to the officials at the port of entry. Failure to show this letter will mean you will not get your study or work permit.

The letter has a validity date typed on it. This date is of great significance as you need to arrive at Canada before the said date. If you are unable to reach Canada in time you will have to submit a new application all over again. Unfortunately, you cannot extend the permit validity date if your correspondence letter.

If due to any reason you are no longer interested in moving to Canada your correspondence letter will not get refunded once it has been issued. However, if you withdraw you study or work permit application before you have been issued s correspondence letter, only then will you get a refund on your fees.