Proper filling out, finalising and encoding of personal net-worth statement

When planning to shift to Canada our client’s major concern is the proper and efficient management of their finances. For this particular reason our experts take it upon themselves to help you fill out your net-worth statement. It is best to know where you stand today to make an informed decision about your future.

What is a net worth statement?

According to investopia net worth is ” the amount by which assets exceed liabilities”. Hence, a personal net worth statement is considered a snapshot of your financial health, at a certain point in time. It provides a summary of how much finances do you have after all your liabilities have been subtracted from your assets.

What is the purpose of a net-worth statement?

There are various types of immigration plans you can choose for yourself and your family. However, they all require you to prove to the Canadian authorities that once you’ve landed on the Canadian soil you will be able to afford your living expenses. A net-worth statement will act as proof as to whether or not you are financially state enough to start a new life in Canada.