Which Supporting Papers Do You Need To Submit?

The immigration process, especially to a highly sought-after country like Canada, requires the sophistication and attention to detail the country has rightfully earned. It is not as basic as filling a standard PI form, which is obvious, given the fact that we are here to provide such services. There exist certain requirements and criteria for your application to get through successfully, failing to meet which your application can be easily rejected, without you even knowing your fault. Thus, while people often suffer from such mishaps, we, here at newcanadalife.ca, ensure that you do not face such a situation. There are different sorts of applications, e.g., for a visit visa, temporary residence, or permanent residence, each requiring a different set of documents and a specific way of applying. This is where experts come in handy.

Some documents are mandatory in your immigration application. First things first, they demand a Medical Examination Confirmation document. This is done to ensure that the applicant does not carry any disease to their developed country for their population’s safety. Secondly, they require Police Certificates (PCs), which assures them that you have no criminal record and background. These are followed by a copy of your passport, along with proof of your previous work experiences, which helps them to gather knowledge about your past. Next up is proof of funds, which confirm whether the applicant meets the Low Income Cut Off (LICO), a criterion set forth by most Canadian immigration programs. This, in turn, proves that the applicant is capable of providing for himself and his family in case of a sponsorship.

The next category of documents comprises those which are to be submitted by an applicant relevant to him/her, depending upon the situation and gravity of the matter at hand. These include, but are not limited to, educational proof, marriage certificate, a divorce certificate (if applicable), death certificate, adoption certificate, offer letter from the employer, etc. These documents are also considered mandatory but vary from person to person.

In addition to these, essential documents include proof of relation to a local Canadian relative. This is of utter importance, as it is the pivotal point of your immigration application and equally important as your reason for visiting the country. This helps them determine your plans, credibility, hold accountable for your actions, etc. Moreover, this gives them a legit and reliable source to reach out to and a cushion to depend on in case things go south-ways. This can do both; strengthen your case even further while also resulting in worsening your case. While it can have numerous advantages, it can, however, be of equal disadvantage to you, too. This happens due to the faults and unintentional but avoidable mistakes commonly made by applicants in this regard. Finally, there are the usual yet equally essential documents, such as your photographs and birth certificates. Thus, experts are required, even preferred to handle such delicate and life-changing proceedings.


How To Prepare For The Application?

Get a reliable source of information and guide before you plan your departure when it comes out to immigrate to a specific country, especially if we talk about Canada; it’s quite hard then we imagine. We can find full information from advanced mediums like the internet, but having no idea of immigration, unbalanced, and vast information on the internet may confuse the newbie. The defect which most people face has already been mentioned. Moreover, the biggest back draw is that we are unsure if we are following reliable sources and information. At this point, we are here to provide you the essential step-by-step guide towards your future.

Experience is better than rumors, and when it comes to anything that can affect your life, specifically talking about immigration, we hear many rumors that either motivate and make us over confident or vice versa and eventually make us lose hope that changes our mind. As a team, we have gathered some experienced immigrants who will share the obstacles and hurdles that one has to face after they have immigrated; experience always has superiority over rumors. Getting first-hand information from the people who have already settled there will enhance the probabilities that you can overcome the common problems sooner. We will get you this information, which will be shared by our experienced immigrants who are already well settled in Canada.

When we talk about employment or education, most people think that they have such qualification, either as a student or as an office worker that may help them settle quite easily in Canada. But they forget the main issue that no country has the same criteria as of their own countries. To overcome this, we, as a team, will be here to guide you properly. We will get your information and guide you in which areas you apply to get the best out of everything and plan your future.

Building a social network before you move out! The most challenging obstacle is that when it comes to immigration, if the newcomer already has some acquaintances of family, relatives, etc. it’s more comfortable, but for a newbie who is a total stranger to a new country, it’s quite challenging to get settled. Pre-arrival services like us will guide you and make your connections that may help you get settled way too easily than you may even imagine. We have a team of helpful and experienced professionals who will help you in the process of settling in a new country that you are not familiar with.

Immigrating in the current situation when the world is facing the Covid-19 Pandemic, the immigration process has been quite affected this year as everyone is well aware of the current situation where numbers of people are left because of a limited quota of immigrants. To avoid pitfalls, delays, and frustration and increase the chances of success, we pre-arrival services will guide you much better than anyone else can. We will make sure that you are the topmost priority for immigration.



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