It has always been a rustic that welcomes immigrants and its strong economy and top universities are attractions for several people with children of school-going age.


Canada is proud to be one among the foremost immigrant friendly countries within the world. Featuring beautiful scenery, wide open spaces, an excellent healthcare and education system – it’s the chosen destination of the many. Did someone mention Justin Trudeau?


Australia has easy regulations for permanent residency. Moreover, it has a high standard of education and healthcare making it one of the best places to immigrate to.


Singapore is considered as one of the most developed countries in Asia and provides immigrants with many attractions including :

  • Flexible immigration and citizenship regulation
  •  zero rate of employment
  •  Peaceful society


Germany features a very strong economy and a high level of education with a number of the simplest universities within the world. Moreover, building a life here is relatively easy as they have one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the entire European Union.

New Zealand

New Zealand may be a wonderful immigration destination, with several the foremost beautiful scenery within the world. Featuring a various culture and low rate, it offers a high standard of living and education.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE’s top attraction is that it’s a tax-free destination – which suggests citizens don’t need to pay any personal tax. As an oil-rich country, it’s a very strong economy and a minimum crime and corruption rate.


Brazil features a strong economy and an honest employment rate – and with its rich culture and eclectic social organization, it readily welcomes immigrants from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Norway has been ranked because the happiest place to measure on earth and offers an excellent standard of living, an extended healthy life, excellent free education.



Argentina is one of the top countries to immigrate because of not only the good opportunities for work but also excellent educational services. In addition, it has a low cost of living and it’s easy for immigrants to become citizens.

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