What are the best countries to immigrate to with family


Deciding to immigrate to another country is a complex process as it is. However, with the added responsibility of finding the best avenues for your accompanying family members makes it an even more arduous task.

Is this country safe enough for my family?

Will my parents be able to adjust?

Will my children get quality education?

Here is a list of a few countries that have proven to be beneficial when immigrating with family.


Singapore is able to secure one of the top positions as the safest place in the world. Could there be any other better reason to immigrate than that? In addition, Singapore regularly scores the best in the world in terms of education through a public school system which teaches students both English and Chinese.


Even though one cannot claim for the Caribbean to be the most safest place on earth, it is still safer than most. However, the most interesting aspect about this country is for teenage children. If you are able to secure a citizenship for your children, they would become CARICOM citizens and will be eligible for university stands out.


Security is a person’s top most concern when it comes to immigration, whether you’re going alone or there is an accompanying family member. Not only is Panama the safest place in South America but it also an easy place to immigrate to with family. When applying for their national visa provides the applicant has the choice to attach a spouse or dependents to the application by charging a minimal additional fee.


Malta provides an excellent opportunity to entrepreneurs with their citizenship by investment program, meaning you can instantaneous become eligible for a Maltese passport. If you’re migrating with your parents or grandparents, Malta is might as well be the best country to consider. The Maltesian government has specific provisions which provide an applicant the opportunity to attach up to 2 generations of dependents. This means it’s time to ask your mom, dad or your grandparents to start packing their bags!


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