Settlement advising

When it comes to immigrating to Canada, your settlement plans are another major aspect that requires you to pay a lot of careful attention to. New Canada Life has a settlement advisory department with qualified professionals who will be able to help you settle in Canada

During your meeting with the settlement advisers you will be able to

  • Get to know the advisor and understand how they will be able to make your transition to Canada smooth
  • Use the expert’s knowledge of the Canadian law and experience as advisor to help you find the best communities in Canada that meet your requirements and standards. They will also help you find resources in your locality such as where to find food, health supplies, transportation etc.
  • Get contact information for emergency services, immigration office and employment services offices etc

Why go for settlement advising?

Orientation: You are most likely to experience a bit of “culture shock” when you first arrive in Canada. We’ll help you integrate newcomers by explaining some of the cultural differences and useful facts about the local community.

Needs assessment: To determine what individual services make the most sense for you, we’ll begin by evaluating your specific needs. Then, we’ll give referrals to complementary settlement and employment services.

Job search: we help in finding jobs

Language training: our experts will assess your language skills and then recommend training course.

Community connections: we’ll help you develop relationships within your new community for social, educational, and professional purpose


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