An interview makes a significant contribution towards your Canadian visa application being accepted or rejected. Hence, an interview should be taken very seriously.

Here are 5 common mistakes at visa interviews you need to avoid.


Once your application is forwarded the authorities then send you the exact date, time and location for the interview to be conducted. Unable to arrive for the interview on time, even when you were made aware of when it will begin, is a one-way ticket to being rejected for a Canadian visa.

Skipping Questions or Giving False Answers

Once you’ve applied for a visa to Canada, the interview is a process devised by the authorities as a quick method of verifying the details you have provided in your application. It is in your best interest to not avoid answering a question even if it is of a personal nature or lie.

Incomplete Documentation

The main purpose why interviews have been incorporated in the process of obtain a visa to Canada, as mentioned above, is to verify the information you provide. Thus, looking confused when asked for a particular document or even failing to provide a document altogether might seriously compromise your chances of getting a Canadian visa.

Disagreeing with the Official

Another way to thwart your chances of passing the interview would be to disagree with the visa official. Employing an aggressive tone and showing inappropriate behaviour towards the interviewer will portray you as a person who is not willing to respect a person of authority.

Inappropriate Answers

Being visibly unprepared for your interview is bound to leave a bad aftertaste in the official’s mouth. Hence, they may end up not seriously considering to your intentions of immigrating to Canada. It is best to conduct proper research for possible questions asked at a visa interview. Furthermore, if you are using the services of New Canada life, our consultants will give you a full crash course on passing the Canadian visa interview.

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