Assessment of qualifications

Are you in search of new avenues to peruse your education?

Do you already have the required qualifications and now want to apply them in the practical world? Simply put are you looking for a job?

Do you think that the opportunities provided in your country are very limited and want to broaden your horizons?

Then Canada might just be the perfect choice. With its multicultural environment, growing economy and quality education, what better option could there be?

If you agree and want to or are thinking of applying for a Canadian visa to study and work there, then let’s start your process.

Before starting the process, it is better you prepare yourself and gather all documentation which will act as proof of the education you have received thus far. Once the required documents have been submitted, we will proceed with the process of getting an Education Credential Assessment. The Education Credential Assessment is a must if you want to apply to Canada for a skilled immigration. It allows you to gain recognition in Canada for any qualifications and training you may have received outside of the country. Hence, increasing your admissibility to Canada.