Financial Advice and Planning

Successfully moving to Canada depends on how strong a support plan is you able to put forward when applying to Canada for immigration or citizenship. Our professionals simplify this process for you by analysing your finances and devising the most appropriate strategy.

They will help in giving you tips and tricks on how to efficiently manage your finances once you’ve successfully moved to Canada. These financial plans will include how to manage your money before you leave, for example by taking your finances online. Moreover, they will help you devise the most effective strategies on how to handle all your debts before shifting. In addition, our financial experts will help you choosing the right time to close your bank accounts and all the documentation you will require to successfully open a new bank account in Canada.

Another major aspect when it comes to finances are taxes. The financial team at New Canada Life will help you understand various tax requirements not only in your home country but also in Canada. Furthermore, you will also be educated on the possible living expenses you will have to pay for and how can you effectively manage them with the money available to you.